The 208th Army Band to perform

The 208th Army Band was activated in 1956 as the 108th Division Band and was attached to Division Headquarters in Charlotte, N.C. The band has been re-designated several times and is currently a separate unit under the 81st Regional Support Command in Concord, N.C. The band is a U.S. Army Reserve Band comprised of approximately 40 musicians. Its primary mission is to promote the esprit de corps of the nation’s fighting forces and act as musical goodwill ambassadors for the Army throughout the entire Southeastern United States and Puerto Rico. The band has performed at Walt Disney World, Carolina Panthers games, NASCAR races and various Veterans Day and Independence Day parades and concerts.

Only 10 of the band members will perform in Uptown Shelby for the Festival. The versatile musicians perform concert music, military marches, jazz and other genres.